What is iSiTechnology?

NEMT and homecare projects are becoming more and more popular all over the world in order to improve the quality of modern medicine. They are extremely important for the elderly, people with disabilities, or people who just can’t get to the medical appointment for special reasons. Sometimes start-up companies or overloaded ones need additional help. For this reason, we created our iSiTechnology project.

An iSiTechnology is a company, which consists of several products that complement each other and create powerful software together. NEMT and homecare companies always need special help to improve their performance. There is nothing worse than being late for a meeting with a client who is waiting for an appointment with a doctor. Our RouteGenie product is a powerful NEMT software that can improve the productivity of your project. It controls scheduling, routing, billing, and dispatching. We believe that a correct system of scheduling and routing can save money for fuel, car repairs, and save time. Moreover, choosing routes for a short distance allows saving the driver’s strength resources. The dispatching system gives an opportunity to be in 24/7 touch with drivers and help them on the road. 

We believe that homecare is an extremely important field in medicine, so we want to improve the quality of such services. The HealthGuard Technology Safety Portal is an application that allows monitoring the body temperature with the help of temperature cameras and smart kiosks. Thus, the elderly and people with disabilities can be calm and don’t worry about their health. Our employees will always be in touch with clients. 

https://isi-technology.com/ hope to make our world better and services quicklier. Create the best software product for your company!

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