VPS is a common type of service provided by hosting providers. They are designed to accommodate small and large web projects, provide support for a wide range of commands for managing the server operating system. Let’s consider what VPS is and other relevant issues.

      In essence, VPS is a virtual (software-emulated) server that works within the physical. One or several virtual machines can be installed on the latter, distributing its resources among themselves (computing power, RAM, disk space for data storage).

      For a better understanding, let’s consider what hosting is. This is a server (a powerful computer on the Internet), on which site data (program code, text files, images, etc.) and the databases used by it are stored. Each time a user visits a specific site or performs any actions on it (switching to another section, submitting a form, etc.), his web browser sends a request to the server. This request is processed by scripts stored on the server, as a result a response is generated in the form of html-code sent to the user’s computer. A web browser converts the resulting code into a convenient web page format.

      Who Should Use a VPS?

      Most small web projects, such as business card sites, can work on shared hosting. The VPS is preferred in the following cases:

•         Installation requires special software

•         The need for large disk space

•         Projects with high load

•         A mailing list service is required VPS provider Poland HostZealot provides a quality VPS service. The provider has its own data center, which guarantees data security. In addition, a lot of tariffs are available to the client. The company’s website has online chat, as well as phone numbers by which you can ask all your questions.

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