How to choose a front door?

Choosing a front door is not easy. Everyone wants to feel protected yourself because we spend a lot of time there. You will know about the types of doors, their price, and quality. 

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6 tips to choose a front door 

  1. There are several types of doors: insulated, steel, armored, and plastic. If you have a cold entrance, you should choose an insulated door. In such doors, there are wood, mineral wool, glass wool, a foam plastic. The armored doors will greatly protect you from thieves. Plastic doors are unreliable. These doors you can meet in the hospital, school, and other public areas. It will be very good of the lock has an armor plate that protects from breaking and entering duties. 
  2. The price of the door depending on the lock, fittings, steel thickness, and decor. Putting doors with steel thickness not less than 1.5 mm will be great. 
  3. The doors can be painted by the usual paint, but they will look not aesthetically and very bad. Wood trim looks good and reliable, but a minus of such doors – high price. 
  4. Lots of breakings are due to a poor quality lock. They differ from each other by their mechanisms. The more expensive the door, the better the lock. 
  5. First, know more about the manufacturer, about all advantages and disadvantages, read customer reviews. When choosing a front door, you should pay attention to such points: heat and sound insulation, protective mechanisms, and high-quality trim. Durability depends on these points. 
  6. You may choose models with a laconic design, for example, a classic model – they will combine with any style if protective properties are not important for you. I recommend choosing front doors under the style of interior doors to make a harmonious atmosphere. 

The front doors of your flat is a very important factor. The guests who come to your house will consider the front door. The first feeling is formed by this factor. So now you have more knowledge about the doors. Good luck with your choice!

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