Hosting a Project in Europe

For any company that has branches in Europe the question of hosting arises sooner rather than later. Of course, sometimes it’s cheaper and more secure to have servers located way outside the region you’re doing business in, but often it’s the opposite. To ensure a better connection with your European customers, you might want to consider finding a hosting provider in Europe itself. 

Why VPS hosting is the best choice?

Let’s talk about efficiency. If you’re running at least a medium-sized website, powered by, let’s say, WordPress, VPS hosting might is a good way to go. It’s not super expensive like the truly dedicated server, but it has a lot of advantages compared to the shared hosting. Some of them are:

  • resources dedicated only to you, so you know exactly how much CPU, RAM, etc. you have at your disposal;
  • your server at your control;
  • SSD caching that ensures the loading speed of your site stays up to par even in times of high numbers of sessions;
  • your data being safe with independent storage. 

How to pick a hosting provider in Europe?

In regards to Sweden VPS, we recommend checking out HostZealot. Its Swedish node is highly secure and efficient, and its plans are affordable. We’re not taking the task of choosing the most reliable providers lightly, but this company meets the most important requirements to be on our list: 

  1. It provides 24/7 technical support.
  2. Its cooling systems are up to the environmental standards.
  3. The data center is very secure, so the user’s information is completely safe.
  4. All of the operations are backed up, there’s no risk of a sudden loss of information or power shortages.
  5. It offers services for multiple platforms.
  6. Its plans are very customizable and cost-efficient, from only 2.96 euros a month.

You can try and look for more affordable deals on VPS hosting in Europe, but we advise you against it, as there are a lot of scammers and untrustworthy companies.

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